FID monitors and analysers from
PCF Elettronica Srl

Environmental monitoring

Mod. 527

Non Methane Hydrocarbon Analyser Separation by chromatographic column
Exclusive injection system

Mod. 528

BTX analyser Easily integrated in networks and automatic monitoring units

Source monitoring

Mod. THC 110

Hot FID V.O.C. monitor Exclusive injection and detection system
Micro analysis of heavily polluted samples

Mod. 527A

Hot FID V.O.C. analyser Specific compounds separation by GC column
Full analysis at high temperature
Mod. 2001
 V.O.C. portable analyser Separation of methane fraction
Built-in powerful data logging device


Mod. 528/GC

Industrial gas chromatographic analyser Easily customised for up to six compounds

Mod. 9388

Portable gas chromatographic analyser Fast cycle time in built data base card in built customised analysis card
Industrial applications

Mod. THC 110

Industrial L.E.L. monitor FID proposed for Low Explosion Limit detection as alternative to IR technique
Ancillary equipments

Mod. 9588

UUP Ultra pure air generator Particularly suitable for feeding high quality air to FID detector

X-Ray equipments - ITALSTRUCTURES

APD 2000

General purpose diffractometer Modern equipment for structural analysis

TX 2000

Total Reflection X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer A new technology for multi element trace analysis


Fluorescence Spectrometer Dedicated to analysis of gold and other precious metals

X-Ray generators

Wide range of modern X-Ray generators Specifications according to customers requests
Pure Gas Generator - for laboratory and industrial applications

HC 2000

Hydrogen generators Air flow from 200 up to 600 ml/min, purity better than 99.9995 %

NG 2000

Nitrogen generator From 800 ml/min up to 150 l/min, purity better than   99.999 %

AZ 2000

Zero Air Purifier Air flow from 1 up to 20 l/min, HC level lower than 0.1 ppm