Mod. 527/A to measure Benzene at emission

Environmental monitoring

Analysis Benzene separated from total V.O.C. by GC column at hight temperature (180C)
Factory Chemical industry manufactoring benzene derivatives, i.e. hexane, capric acid, coprolactam as base of polymers
Installation Sampling probe at 20 m height on stack
Measuring system in a control room some 60 m distant
Scope Continous monitoring of benzene leaks in fumes to detect process efficiency.
Continous monitoring of V.O.C. levels in fumes to comply environmental emissions regulations
System configuration Sampling probe with sintered filter on top
Heat traced line (60 m)
Water collector, to avoid condensed water in the instruments Mod. 527A, digital and analogue input/output connected to remote computer
19" rack (600x1800x600 mm, 24"x71"x24" WxHxD)
UPP pure air generator
Hydrogen generator
Calibration gas cylinder
Local line recorder
Remote connection to process central computer
Mod. 527 A

Continuous analysis with separation (at 180C) of Benzene fraction and V.O.C. fraction
Hot FID detector
6 minute analysis
Ranges: 0-10/100/1000 ppm
Two analogue outputs: Benzene and V.O.C.
Two serial outputs: one for local printer the other for remote connection
SPDT digital outputs

Data management Alarm and data management by central data acquisition computer